Saturday, June 6, 2009

Intro to EO and honey

While still experimenting with the use of honey in soap, we thought we might as well add a second testing element and get a better idea of how essential oils react in soap.
Surprisingly similar to the aromatics we currently use in all but the price range.
Essential oils are usually distilled or steamed variations of the actual plant. There are some synthetics out there, because some of these elements can be upwards of $100 for less than an ounce.
So our honey experiment has led us to this:
A batch of lavender essential oil mixed with a light-colored pure honey. We used two colors of purple, which look pretty cool to me in the wet stage. Since honey has the ability to slow trace, it's not really a surprise that these logs won't be pulled and cut for days, because of their softness.
With the exception of perhaps two batches, most of these went into our log molds a thin to medium trace. Not my favorite thickness to pour, but at the same time the soap was starting to heat and I wasn't wanting cracked or volcanic soap.

The second batch above is less than two hours old. This is a mix of basil eo with some spearmint and bergamot added and two colors of green were used. We opted to try the dark honey with this, so the butterscotch-colored batch we had has darkened the greens. In the wet state, I think the colors are surprisingly gorgeous. We'll see what happens as it hardens throughout gel.

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