Friday, June 26, 2009

Newest soaps

It's been a little too hot and too humid to get more bath bombs made and it hasn't been tolerable for heat either, so we're slow on candles.
Though we've been testing honey in soap and have tried a few essential oil soaps, we've found some time to add to our line as well. All of these soaps will be ready for the fair in August!
Pictured above is what we call Pretty. This fragrance had a good debut in the spring in bath bombs, so we were finally able to get it into soap. Pretty is a mixtures of succulent nectars, plum blossoms and mimosa with hints of fragrant air (minus the humidity!)

Our most popular scent, behind Lilac, Lavender and honeysuckle, has been Misbehavin' (pictured above.)
The picture is a little deceiving. That nice soft pink has been gradually turning to the darker pink color of the embeds. It is a bar of flirty fun.

We decided to do a small batch of this and we're going to call it Heart Throb for that special man in your life (and if you steal it from him, we'll understand too.) It's everything reviews of this fragrance said it was -- good, sexy and a few things I won't repeat. Be sure to get a whiff of it while it lasts.

We do have other batches curing -- Caribbean Queen and South Pacific. Caribbean Queen will be released first. South Pacific has a month to sit while it cures.

We're still working on a fall lineup. We're pretty sure Apple Jack will return along with a little more than what we had last year, since it was gone in less than a month, but we're also trying to find a little something not-so-common too.

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