Friday, December 10, 2010

The home stretch

We're doing our best to get caught up since the downfall of our computer system and all the quirks that lasted three weeks.
There are three new fragrances this month in Turquoise, which is a soft, yet nice mix of sandalwood and creamy vanilla; Reindeer Poo, which actually is like a combination of festivity and pine and warmth; and Raspberry Zinger, which is just delicious and calorie free unlike Dolly Madison's real stuff!
It's been a rough fall and winter to get through, but we're working to get restocked.
Our bath bombs are out of stock, but they can still be ordered and made in time to provide a splendor in the bath.
We've been working on a massage oil and testing our hand at perfumes, which we'll be testing for a while lol!
Look for our site to be updated soon and along with it, new fragrances in all categories.
Before closing, we will be doing away with our Perfume and Cologne bars as we have come down to the last nitty gritty of our packaging and cannot find an affordable option. We are looking to replace this product with creamy cocoa butter, emu oil, shea oil blend.
If you've got scent suggestions, we're listening. We will only carry up to 10 scents in this product. Lavender and lilac will be among the choices.
We're also looking to eventually add container candles to the fold and are entering into the jar selection stage and then into the real test stages before they hit our shelves.
Next year we will be involving more essential oils into some of our products and establishing products specifically for this material.
Until next year, we do wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here's to hoping for no more computer problems!