Saturday, May 9, 2009


After a successful Wamego Tulip Festival we found ourselves depleted in several categories, of which, votives were one.

We've been working hard to replenish our votive stock as well as get new scents tested.

At this point we have restocked Sweet Pea, eucalyptus, honeysuckle, gardenia, lilac, jasmine, rosemary mint, strawberry kiwi, coconut banana blast, clean cotton spiritual awakening and spring rain.

It may not seem like a lot, but to try to stay ahead of sales, it is.

We still have tulip, red hot cinnamon, monkey fars, lavender chamomile, cappuccino and other coffee scents, fireside, zen tea, Russian tea, vanilla bean, herbal indulgence and mulled cider to get back on the shelves.

As we replenish stock, we've also managed to sneak in some new ones.

Rustic Jeans -- It's a clean scent, yet spicer than the clean cotton and contains a blend of sandalwood, bayleaf, amber and musk with bergamot and a sprinkle of kitchen spices that make this a little sensuous. Keep in mind, to my nose, it's a new twist on clean.

Attraction -- We had this three years ago and it was exclusive to an After Dark collection we offered at the time. Now that the After Dark collection isn't in circulation, we're pulling out some of those scents to offer regularly. This is one. The cold throw, admittably, is a little light to my nose, but when that melt pool forms, oh my. This is a combination of some amber and musks that draws attention and most of people are immediately attracted to it. See the complementing moisturing perfume bar and people will follow you in the grocery store just to try to find out what it is.

Cantaloupe -- Sweet, juicy, ripe fruit. I love this chilled and it's pretty great in wax too.

Wild Mountain Honey -- I'm definitely not a fan of leather scents and this one can be added to the list, but I'll survive. There are days when this scent is beautiful and days when I can't stop sneezing. However, if you love the scent of the honey, this is the one. I just happen not to be a honey fan, except on KFC biscuits. This is every bit a strong honey scent and the cold throw is powerful. This is wild honey combined with hints of wildflowers.

Warm Vanilla Sugar -- Returning in votives after three years of missing from our line. We think we ran into the best there is out there so we have decided to inch it back onto the shelves to see how people react. Soft notes of brown and powdered sugars are mixed with vanilla and pulled together with a musk.

Cinna-Vanilla -- The marriage of vanilla and red hot cinnamon and the vanilla doesn't damper the strength of those red hots.

We're working on a few more scents, which include vanilla lime, oatmeal cookies, Iris padilla, mandarin coconut and other surprises.

If you're following us at shows, we'll be in the Kansas City area next weekend, followed by trips to Tonganoxie and Junction City. Check us out.

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