Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bubble Mania Bath Bombs

We love the feel that our foaming bath bombs deliver and the silky feel after lounging in the tub. It's a great escape from the daily grind.
Unfortunately the weather hasn't been overly friendly in allowing us to boost our stock for the coming spring season, but we're doing what we can to reload around the wet and rain.
Sweet Pea, the No. 1 favorite among our customers, is in stock. We'll be boosting our lavender inventory, since this scent is No. 2 among our customers, and Victorian Rhapsody, which rates No. 3, is available also.
We promise to get Kai made and unfortunately one of our scents will undergo a rename so as not to be confused with the Givenchy perfume. We love the name, and while our fragrance isn't close to the Givenchy perfume, we thought it best to seek another name.
Tahiti Temptation will made a reappearance and eventually the Bubble Mania page on the site will undergo an overhaul.
We will be adding more scents to entice your little monkies to want to take a bath. Right now we offer Bubble Gum, but we are planning to add a Lil' Monkey and Jungle Book to the fold. We're working on a Little Princess scent and we're hunting for a perfect fit for Little Prince.
NEW!! We're so crazy about the Misbehavin' scent and think you will be as well. It's a very fun, flirty and, dare I say, sexy fragrance. Our testers have loved it maybe more than we do! Sweet, juicy candy apples and pomegranate are combined with ivy and a wink of mystery. We hope to offer a complementing soap to go with this. It will definitely be among our choices in Body Mists.
NEW!! Pretty. And this scent is for those seeking to appease their feminine side. The mix of Bartlett pears, apricots, white peach and plum blossoms with a kiss of fresh air and mimosas makes a very pretty scent.
NEW!! Beneath the Stars. The energy of night comes alive with a combination of grape, peach, citrus essences, plum, rose and a capitvating musk.
What will be missing from our line will be scents that we cannot find replacements for: Allure, Balance, Exotic Embrace, Golden Poppy and Solace.
However, plans are to introduce a few extra scents to reach every emotion and mood we're famous for having. It will start with the introduction of a Tibetan Amber and work through such fragrances as our ever-popular Lustful Thoughts, Attraction, Mistress, Oh Foxy Lady and Ladies Night. It's all about feminine wiles.

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