Thursday, May 14, 2009

More votives

In the previous post I mentioned we were unveiling some more scents. Right now they're in votive form and when they appear in more than our 2 oz size, I'll add more options to the website.

I realize I still need to get that updated with the current choices.

We have added a Heavenly Blue Lotus, which is not overbearing in its floral components.

Pigtails & Braces is now in votive form as well as Oatmeal Cookies & Raisins, Lustful Thoughts, Herbal Indulgence and Mandarin Coconut.

So what about these fragrances:

Heavenly Blue Lotus has a softly sweet floral bouquet that is balanced with fresh greens and hints of herbs and spices. It was a sacred symbol of beauty in upper Egypt.
Pigtails & Braces is a fun combination of sugars, vanilla and an enticing musk.

Oatmeal Cookies & Raisins. I picked up on the butter and oats with a hint of spices that felt warming. I actually thought about cooking for the first time in years and was fortunate enough to not have oats in the cupboard lol.

Lustful Thoughts. This used to be exclusive to an After Dark collection we had. Now it's offered in its own box. What is it? An incredible river of musk with juicy strawberries. It's heady, rich and irresistible IMO.

Herbal Indulgence. Remember those commercials where women were moaning in the shower after using Herbal Essence shampoo? This is a similar fragrance in that it's a great collection of herbs that delivered a relaxing atmosphere for me.

Mandarin Coconut. This is the OMG fragrance. I took my nose out of the bottle long enough to get the votives made. It's a fantastic combination and great for any time of the year. What comes to mind is just a long mmm sound. The mandarin is quite noticeable, but the creamy coconut adds a little bit of lush to it.

Within another week or so we hope to have Vanilla Bean Noel, Butt Naked, Black Orchid, Misbehavin', Strawberry Shortcake and quite possibly some Vanilla Lime, Iris Padilla and glazed donuts to add to the mix. We're still working on a carnation, tulip and desire.

Restocked: Lavender, Monkey Farts, Cool Citrus Basil, Spring Rain, Zen Tea and Russian Tea. We still have Georgia Peach and a host of fall and winter scents to stock.

Unfortunately we will have a lot of discontinued scents. Some of them we hate to see go, but with the rash of newbies to the line, perhaps we'll both find some new favorites. I know I'll miss the lavender chamomile and maybe one of these days these two will be united again.

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