Monday, May 25, 2009

Forming balls

We're gradually getting the new lineup posted for our Bubble mania Bath Bombs.

While there will be plenty of changes in the fragrances, not everything will be new. Sweet Pea™, Sandalwood Rose, Lilac, Lavender, Kai™, Grapefruit Jasmine (shortened to Jazzy), Endless Love™, Karma Chameleon, Lustful Thoughts, Pure Seduction, Queen Bee, Tahiti Temptation and Victorian Rhapsody will remain.

Sensuous has been renamed to Sensual. There's no other name suitable for the fragrance.

Beneath the Stars and Pretty have been among favorites of our customers and those will be added soon -- definitely before we kick off our Beach Ball sale.

New additions are:

Beguiled -- Mysteriously alluring. Amber and vanilla are laced with florals. Colors are confetti green, orange and yellow (the camera battery died, but I'm working on a picture.)

Black Orchid -- Stunningly feminine. Delicate orchids with a powdery finish.

Black Raspberry Vanilla™ -- Black raspberries skinny dipping in pools of sweet vanilla cream.

Calypso -- An exotic floral symphony with a breeze of tropical air. Quite lovely.

Cherry Blossom™ -- About time, eh! Fragile cherry and plum blossoms, delicate rice flowers and hints of the orient.

Desire -- Citrus-laced vetiver, rose geranium, jasmine, lily of the valley, amber, vanilla and musk.

Enchanted -- Night-blooming florals, nectar and mist.

Flirtation -- Jasmine, neroli, bergamot under a powdery veil of vanilla.

Harmony -- A relaxing and calming blend of frankincense and myrrh.

What's yet to come:

Too much to keep this entry short, but Forbidden, Ladies Night, Pigtails & Braces, Moonlight Path™, Satin Gown, Sexy Little Things™, South Pacific, Inspiration, Warm Vanilla Sugar™, Mistress, Oh Foxy Lady and Scarlett will join the line.

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