Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weathering leather

Leather is one of our popular scents, but a not so popular one the female half of this business likes to make often. So when candles are made in this product, plenty are done at once!

Why black over brown? I guess I view black as more daring and brown for those old bomber jackets, chaps, leather sofas and libraries and cowboys. Actually we carry and sell both colors. If you've got a preference of color when ordering, please let us know in the comment section until I can figure out how to not make it complicated to add a second button to our cart.
Why the discussion about leather? For those who love the scent, we're adding more options. Goodlooking Cowboy came on board about a year ago and, like our straight leather, we have a hard time keeping this one in stock. We'll be adding Guns 'n Roses to our selection starting with the Wamego Tulip Festival.
Goodlooking Cowboy is colored in blue with thin strips of brown, but Guns 'n Roses should definitely stand out visually. This entry is actually to introduce you to the scent -- tanned leather (but of course) with a slight hint of rose petals (must have a hint of feminine appeal so this scent tempts both sexes) and it's showered with musk.
I can't make promises what these candles will look like, but I'm aiming for some red, blue, orange and black combinations in angled layers. Be sure to stop by our booth in the park or feel free to preorder and we'll bring it to the festival.

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