Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why blog?

Welcome to our blog.
We've wanted to blog for a few months now and have decided that it was time to be more interactive on the net, especially between shows.
We feel this may be our best venue to explain why we do what we do, pick the fragrances we do and share a little bit about what we do, our aspirations, testing results, product searches etc. We thought maybe some took us literally about being mad scientists and thought we'd better shatter our Albert Einstein image to be more like ourselves.
The About Us link on our website pretty much fits us to a T.
At shows and fairs, Rockin is the most visible person in the company. Scented is usually in "the lab" trying to keep stock adequate, experimenting with formulas, fragrances and a spectrum of colors as well as our website updated with new stock, previews of what's coming and keeping up with what sells out.
We're trying to get ready for the April 18 and 19 Wamego Tulip Festival. Last year, Wamego is where we debuted the bulk of our Lippity Dew product. Our range of flavors has certainly increased since.
The Bubble Mania Bath Bombs were new last year as well.
Since we've added something every year, it should be no surprise that we will have something new this year. We've been testing several formulas for a body mist. We've been looking for the right combination of ingredients that leave a soft, powdery, cool and almost silky feel. Our problem is that of the 10 or so formulas we've concocted, we can't seem to narrow it down to one. We are down to three, but we're trying to determine what will be of interest to the public in terms of fragrances, packaging, affordability and appearance.
By all means leave suggestions for scents you would like to see. I'm told we will offer up to 10.

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