Sunday, April 11, 2010

Madness and mayhem

The website has finally been updated. Our sincere apology to everyone. We ran into a glitch in the web design that led to erased photos and other electronical quirks. It was absolutely maddening.

Winter was hectic and we have been scrambling to get soaps back in stock. Last year was a record year for our bars and that means we get to play more in the laboratory than normal.

We will be adding all new items to the Create-A-Tory and keeping it updated now that most of our data has been restored and the midnight oil has been burned.

There are plenty of new scents and lot of favorites back in inventory. We're also upgrading our site with the ability to add video so you can see your products made or get a virtual tour of our tent etc. We have also joined Twitter and you can follow us there for updates on the business, our playtime, products and sales, and even spur of the moment sales.

So join us on Twitter! Facebook coming soon!

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